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35 - Best Friendship Messages

Best Friendship Messages

Best Friendship Messages
Best Friendship Messages

" 35 - Best Friendship Messages ", This articles list most beautiful and heart touching messages that is for you and this friendship messages when shared with your friends will make your friendship more strong and pure.

Friendship is one of the most long lasting types of relationship that last for years and years. As time of friendship increases it becomes more strong and pure . Friendship is that relationship that above love and we all have heard that in friendship people have sacrificed life.

The down listed best friendship messages for friends clearly signifies love, happiness, trust, purity and assurance which one hesitate to tell, but through these lines or messages one can describe their feeling with their beloved friends.

35 - Best Friendship Messages

Best Friendship Messages
Best Friendship Messages
  1. A sign of true and good friend is he can sees pain in the eyes of his friend even when the world can see his friend smiling a lot.
  2. There is nothing difference between yesterday and today, My friends,  you cried yesterday as well as today when you remembered my incident with you.
  3. One of my last desire in my life is when my last breath is going on I want you by my sad making me laugh. 
  4. God is very kind and generous towards me because he did not put price to make friends, else if he would have done this, then I would not get friends like you.
  5. My friends are like onion which is connected with me with love throughout life, If it is cut, brings tears in my life.
  6. A small girl told that friendship is life, without friendship  there is neither love nor life .
  7. Friendship is that purest form which means loving heart that never hates, a smile that does not fade, a feeling that never hurts, and a relationship that never ends.
  8. Flowers dry up after a time, people change after some time, but my friendship with my friends will end even after I die.It will always be remembered.
  9. A true friend is one who can see tears in his friend eyes and wipes his first tear and stops the second tear. 
  10. True friend are the one who is connected by heart relationship, not by blood relationship who loves the person through heart.
  11. After few years when you become old and your child are not with you to support, I will always be their to take care and support you as a child.
  12. Everyone wants happiness, but "happiness" is the only happy address, but every person who is "happy" gets a friend like you.
  13. A friend is the one which is gifted by god to us,which no one could replace from our life and that is just the loved blessing given to us.
  14. Sometimes looking at my stupid friend I think it would have been nothing in my life without him.
  15. The true reality by interacting with good friends is that the world is very beautiful but only with friends.
  16. There is not much difference between friendship and painting, Both of them do one thing i.e. gives colors of happiness in ones life . 
  17. When ever a true friendship starts between two friends, there is no time where  one goes in deep grief and all the times you remain happy.
  18. Like Heart never misses to pump blood,Like fish can't never stay away from water,Like that I will not be fine if there is no friend in ones life.
  19. One of the best task is to give the enemy thousand chances to become your friend, But don't give a chance to a friend so that he becomes your enemy.
  20. Heart is only that gives life and for heart, it needs happiness and that happiness I get from you my good friends.
  21. If you ever win in the world then there is your friends he will say proudly and that is the same friend who will tell you to try again and again if you lose.
  22. A true and good friend is the only one who overlooks his friends failures and can tolerates his friends successes. 
  23. A very important question was asked to my friends, what is a friend, he answered simply for a poor man, work is his life and for a rich man, money is life But his friends are his life.
  24. Friendship is the foundation of Love, Love origins from life,Life is collection of various feeling and that feelings comes from friendship.
  25. A true friendships are like tree because during the initial days it requires attention and care but once it becomes pure, it will help thought your life.
  26. A perfect friendship is that you never get angry,upset, irritated with each other,but it is how fast u resolve and be back the way u were.
  27. A true friend is the only one who push you when you stop, who is with you when you are alone,who is always their to guide you when you get confused between right and wrong and makes you smile when you are sad.
  28. A true friendship signifies ones good heart who never hates anyone, one that never gives sorrow and the one who does not lets relationship to ends.
  29. Friendship is one of the best love which automatically reads everything from ones eyes and also understands everything from our silence and which can understand what we are feeling.
  30. A friend is the one who makes you laugh through million of ways and makes you happy each and every single day of your life.
  31. The bad people dislike you even if you the good which are your enemies but the good people are with you knowing even the bad in you and corrects you, which are true friends.
  32. A true friends are like a candle because when ever light cuts we glow candle which lighten our room, like that a true and good friends can glow your life
  33. A true friend is the one who makes you happy in a million ways and if ever if going away, he would find a million reason to stop you. 
  34. Best friend is not the one who occasionally sends you message just to know about you, but the best friend is the one who always sends message and makes your irritate.
  35. One should always taken in mind, one should not make friends before understanding and break a friendship after misunderstanding.


I hope you have loved the above listed 35 best friendship messages.In case if you any other messages and want to publish, I request you to share it with me by contacting me. If you want to share it with your loved ones, go ahead and share with your friends


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