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30 Short Messages For Best Friend

30 Short Messages For Best Friend

Short Messages For Best Friend
Short Messages For Best Friend

Everyone is in search is some lines, quotes, messages which they want to share it with their friends, but all those messages that you found over the internet is same. So to help you, here is a new list of unique short messages for best friends.

Friends are those who are very important for each and everyone in their life. Whether a person is poor or rich, good or bad, black or white, each and every one has friends. Everyone want to thank their friends but they wait for friendship days just to send that beautiful friendship messages i.e. Happy friendship day which everyone say, but this is an old tradition. Why don't you send some of the new and unique short messages for best friend listed below which will help you to make your relationship more stronger.

Best Friend is the only one who will be their with you through your life. A good best friend is the one who will take you to right direction, when you are going to wrong direction. To thank your best friend forever, here is a list of short messages for best friend.

Short Messages For Best Friend

Short Messages For Best Friend
Short Messages For Best Friend

These short messages which are listed below signifies love, happiness, friendship, pure and true relationship. Here are listed of top best and unique short messages for best friend which is below
  1. That one smile that makes one's friends laugh and that one smile that makes one's cry, that is possible through one relationship called friendship.
  2. A stranger asked my friends what is Friendship, he replied friendship is when a heart that never hates, that cute smile that never fades, work that one does never hurts other and strong relationship that never ends.
  3. A true meaning of a good friendship is breaking a friendship is stupidity and making a pure friendship relationship is taken as clever.
  4. friendship is that feeling  when someone is in every heartbeat, finds someone in his every thought, can see his friends even with closed eye and miss them without any reason.
  5. You are the only when who took me from wrong direction to right direction in life.
  6. Your action and attitudes decide the types of friend that will be sweet, beautiful, kind heart and gorgeous towards you.
  7. People has a mentality to make a good friends and to leave bad friends but one should make friends those will help you to leave the bad thing from me.
  8. A true and good friend help you to be you, never tries to change you and always stands by your side to support you when you fall.
  9. Friendship is not in when one is in love, But there is love involved in friendship, which is the most beautiful thing in friendship.
  10. When the whole world is against you, there will always be a true and pure best friend who stands by you to support you.
  11. When ever one get new friends then he forget his old friends but When new friends leaves, he only remember old friends.
  12. Finding a friend is very easy but choosing a good friend is difficult.
  13. Friendship is the relationship that does not stand on the basis of evidence, if it like that then that friendship is weak and gets broken easily.
  14. It is a friendship when one friends is taking nonsense and the another is laughing, thinking deeply, discussing on that nonsense thing.
  15. Like one smile can create a beautiful relationship,like that a single true friends can bring meaning to ones life.
  16. I differentiated my friendship through coin, when head comes he is true friends and when tail comes he is pure hearten friend. 
  17. It is not that those who cant make friends are weak, but weak are those who loses friends.
  18. My friend, your are like star even when there is no presence of moon in sky, stars are the one that make the sky beautiful.  
  19. A single true friends can fulfill the role of each family member because he is the one how guides you like a father, care like mother, share things like brother and love you as a sister.
  20. Everyone has that one friend who he love more than his own life, which is you my best friend.
  21. I know how much my life is precious, not because I love my life but due to those people who are doing so hard to make my life more beautiful and that is you my friend.
  22. My friend, you are the one who have made coal into diamond within me.
  23. A true friend is the same who will point his finger at you when you do wrong and he is the only one who will join all finger to clap to appreciate you when you do good.  
  24. When I compare friendship with mathematics, I take it as circle, because friendship has no end.
  25. A true and pure friendship is only possible when one does not take the word said by his friends in anger.
  26. Like life changes with time, friendship also changes with time, but that friendship gets more pure and true.
  27. Like some moment which we do not forget,like that some friendship never ends which is true and pure, which is with you my friend.
  28. Everyone has a dream which each and everyone want to achieve,they achieve that dream by the help best friends such as you my friend.
  29. Everyone's life is hectic, but friends are the one who make simple and easy to live.
  30. A man asked me, can you describe your friend, I replied he is a god gift who has enlighten my life.


Hope you have like the above short messages for best friends. in case you want to share this messages with your loved one, go ahead and share with your friend, family and relatives. In cases if you some other messages for best friends and you want to share, you can contact me and you will be given credit.


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