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5 Best Platform For Blogging To Start Blog

5 Best Platform For Blogging To Start Blog

Best Platform For Blogging
Best Platform For Blogging
"5 Best Platform For Blogging To Start Blog", Every day thousand of people start up their blogging career which may last for long term or small. It totally depends upon the people, how much they want to invest their time in blogging. people often at an early stage, blogger finds it interesting but after some times when their articles do not rank , they lose hope and they end up  finishing their career in blogging.

One of the major of ending up blogging career is due to the platform they have chosen at first during their blogging career for blogging.The platform chosen by you for blogging also determines your page speed i.e. how fast your article or website can load. 

If your new to blogging or when you have already started the blogging, this article will list the best platform for blogging to start blog along with the platforms advantages and disadvantages. Among these platforms there are many that provides free domain and there are also many that provides dress hosting and there are also few who does not provides either of those facilities , i.e. the user has to buy custom domain  as well as hosting through various online platform.

Best Platform For Blogging

One of the frequently asked question  by everyone is

Which is best platform for Blogging?

Best Platform For Blogging
Best Platform For Blogging

This question comes in mind of each and every blogger There are various online platforms that provide the best experience and service to the people . In this article we list the best blogging platform for writer, where the reader or viewer can read about blogging platform and choose the best platform of their choice by reading the advantages and disadvantages.
These platforms are best platforms for technical blogging and well as non technical blogging and also also among the down listed some of them are free platform for blogging.

1. Blogger

Best Platform For Blogging
Best Platform For Blogging

In my view, blogger if the best blogging platform because blogger is a platform that provides free domain and hosting for life long which is one of the best thing. Blogger was launched on 23 August 1999 by Evan Williams and was written in python language . one of the advantage to rank easily is the blog is hosted by google itself and it is generally accessed by sub domain i.e. In the initial days, every day start their start with blogger . Lets check out some of the advantages and disadvantages of blogger,blogging platform.


  1. Provides free hosting which is given by google and also provides the domain which is sub domain .
  2. Without buying any custom domain you can use your blogspot blog for lifelong.
  3.  It provides various free theme which is SEO(Search Engine optimization) compatible and which and less page load capacity
  4. It takes on few minutes to create a blog. 


  1. When you write the article or blog and publish it through google search console, we all know one of criteria to rank high is size of url and due to url the load speed is less, it ranks high even after writing a good article.
  2. There are very limited features
  3. The custom template are often low quality for blogger.
If you want to start a blog for free you can check over internet that will help you to create the blog step by step.

2. WordPress

Best Platform For Blogging
Best Platform For Blogging
WordPress of also an platform for blogging. WordPress was introduced on 27 May 2003 by  Matt Mullenweg which is written in PHP language. WordPress is written PHP language along with MYSQL or MariaDB Database.Among all the website or blog that is created in the world so far, 33.3 % are of WordPress. Lets talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of creating a blog in WordPress


  1. provides beautiful theme and plugin which the blogger can use easily
  2. The plugin that is provided help to rank the article at top because one can check through yeost plugin which help to check whether the article is SEO friendly or not.
  3. Like blogger, WordPress also provides free hosting
  4. It is easy to manage and use.
  5. It also provides sub domain as .


  1. When you will use sub domain, WordPress will put up add and banner for free upon your blog.
  2. Due to subdomain in URL, it will hammer  in your article because as much as the small URL, the better rank an article gets
  3. You have work within the theme and plugin and many themes and plugins can not be used.
  4. When ever there is an suspicious action going on, WordPress can block your blog  


Best Platform For Blogging
Best Platform For Blogging is also an platform for blogging . was founded in the year 2006 by avishai abrahami, nadav abrahami and giora kaplan at Tel Aviv-yafo, Isarel. is widely used for small business as it is wasy to use. Like Blogger and WordPress, it also provides with sub domain like Lets have a look at the advantage and disadvantages of wix.vom


  1. one blogger can can directly drag and drop the images or picture
  2. If one does not know coding, is one of the best platform for blogging.
  3. As you can drag and drop, the setup for your account is very easy.


  1. As are noways more popular, and it want to get more expanded, it will put up add and posture on your blog.
  2. The theme that you choose during the creation of the blog can not be changed easily.
  3. In order to remove the ads, the user have to buy their domain which can be expensive.
  4. When you have subdomain account, it is difficult to rank.

4. Medium

Best Platform For Blogging
Best Platform For Blogging
Medium is also one of the platform for blogging. Medium was launched in 2012 by Evan Williams . Evan williams is the same guy who developed blogger and twitter . In case Anyone do not have any coding knowledge, Williams created this platform where people can easily write article and share there views with reader. Lets seek some advantage and disadvantages on medium


  1. Does not requires coding knowledge prior
  2. On publishing articles on blogger or WordPress, one can publish the same article on medium as well
  3. You can create free account and use medium 
  4. No efforts on themes, plugin, templates etc 


  1. There is no high chance that your article can rank through medium because medium does not allow extra plugin or theme to use to make your article seo friendly
  2. It is an old way of blogging
  3. you can use your own domain or subdomain. your post totally depends on domain
  4. Very limited of feature to the user

5. Tumblr

Best Platform For Blogging
Best Platform For Blogging
Tumblr is also one of the best platform for blogging. Tumblr was lunched in the year 2007 by David Karp  at New York City, U.S.A. It is one of the best platform for micro blogging where the blogger can write article on small small topics or specific topic. Lets have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Tumblr


  1. One user can follow another user
  2. Any of the blogger can make their account or blog private
  3. It is easy to use
  4. Its setup is easy
  5. One can use their own custom domain
  6. It is free so the blogger are provided with sub domain as


  1. Due to sub domain, it take lot of time to load and decrease your ranking due to long url
  2. it has limited set of features.


Hope you have like the above list of the best platform for blogging to start blog. If anyone of your friends required information regarding this you can share it them them. In my view, if you are beginner go with blogger for around 2 month, you will have the best experience as it is very easy to use . 
To get hacks for blogging which one can follow at any platform you can click here. If you want to start writing a blog and you are not getting idea what should be your blog based upon, then you can check list of blog post ideas in various field through home page.


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