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What can melts anyone's heart is nothing but a beautiful heat touching quotes. Heart touching quotes are something that can change anyone's mind for someone. There are many in this world who are got good writers  but they want to express something what their heart feel for someone. These heart touching quotes can be written for him or her when said to anyone can put up a deep inspiration for the others.

These heart touching quotes can be dedicated to your father, mother, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else. These beautiful and pure quotes can create a deep impression or an bright impact on anyone about you .

Each and  everyone falls in love that can be anyone and what makes anyone's life or relationship more beautiful are the quotes. Each and Everyone has emotion within themselves, some know to express where as some don't, those who don't know how to express writes lines or quotes which they dedicate to their loved ones.  


  1. Everything is possible HEART TOUCHING QUOTES
  2. The Love that is long lasting in the world is the same love that never returned again once gone
  3. Never cry for that person who does't know the price of your tears
  4. From the day i met you, my life has never been same 
  5. There is only one way to live life, without any regretsHEART TOUCHING QUOTES
  6. A beautiful dress on a body can change personality but beautiful behavior can change life.
  7. When I die, I request you my friends not come near my body as I wont be able to used my hand to wipe your treas.
  8. People easily gets attracted to your face or body that won't be your sides forever, those will be by your side who gets attracted by your heart. 
  9. I see 2 sun, one where are planets revolve and the next is your face which bright me up.
  10. The fear of me dreaming about someone I love is having to wake up. 
  11. One of the most dangerous war is love which is very easy to start but really hard to stop.
  12. Just focus on what you have to gain, do not worry about loose
  13. The most beautiful thing in the world is nothings but yourself
  14. Let go of those thoughts that don't make you strong  HEART TOUCHING QUOTES
  15. The last thing I want to see before dying is your face
  16. Life laugh at you when you are unhappy, Life smile at you when you are happy, But you live life when you wake others laugh
  17. I was only mine , before i became someone else
  18. Very few will open heart rest will open your character.
  19. Ones Life is a beautiful canvas, just throw all the beautiful paints and color to make it beautiful
  20. Forget past, fell today, and just enjoy tomorrow
    Heart touching Quotes
  22. What if you seek is itself seeking you ?
  23. You prefer to crawl in life, my friend god has given you wings to fly, fly higher and higher
  24. Smile if anythings bad happened with you,you faced it.
    Heart touching Quotes
  26. I am watching you before you started staring at me. 
    Heart Touching Quotes
  28. Raise your words, not your voice, because they speaks more louder
  29. Just try, Everything is possible
  30. The best time to grow plant was years backs, the second one is now.
  31. Change your thoughts then change your world
    Heart touching Quotes
  33. Time decide who you will meet in your life, but heart decide who you want in your life
  34. The hardest part of life is to show the smile that you know is fake, hiding your tears
  35. The most exceptional word is trust, years to built but couple  of  seconds to break.
  36. My chest if your garden and the most beautiful seed you planted is my heart
  37. Sometimes you loose, sometimes you will, at last their is only success
  38. Every exams is difficult, but the most difficult exam is your life .
  39. Life becomes more clear when you start looking  at peoples heart instead of face

I hope you have enjoyed the above listed heart touching quotes list. I feel that this  heart touching quotes will makes you pure and feel happy . I request if you like to share then please share with your loved ones.




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